My fella is the best nerrr


I do not want to live here any more. I hate everything and everyone. I’m fed up of finding my things broken. I’m fed up of people taking the piss. I’m fed up of the thick druggies I find myself surrounded with, even the ones that think they’re insanely intelligent only say that they are, with no fucking proof. I’m sick of sleeping next to someone I don’t want to touch. I’m sick of eating like a pig cause I’m so damn unhappy, lazy and unproductive that I just seem an actual bitch to anyone that comes near me. I don’t like you, I don’t like the things you do, I don’t like who you are, and how fucking angry you make me. 

On a better note, me and Jamie went for a drive tonight. We went to some arcades over the moores. We won tokens and got free lollies. On the way back, the scary roads with huge drops on one side were scary. It was the foggiest I’ve ever seen, and we could see about half a meter in front of us. Scary. 

Then we went to Halifax Fare. Went on all the rides then complained about feeling sick. 

It’s not so simple to just leave.