I’m being bullied out of my own family  but it aint workin


Ahh new clothes, viewing for a new apartment, fridge full of salad, payrise. Everything is getting a little bit better, though of course it had to fuck up didn’t it. Oh how my life is a joke.
Double ristretto americano though…

My life is an actual joke.

I was late for work and my hair is (greasier?) Than last night.

My face is greasy and dry. I don’t have any lunch. I had a milky coffee for breakfast. I don’t feel like I’m getting enough done. Argh these aren’t real problems I know, but I feel fucking shitttyyyy.

Can’t get worst.

I’ll wizz through today then go home and work outtttttt.

Shall see how I go on a fast day today.

Today is bad.

Fire is apparently scratched in the flat. Pretty fucking dire since the Mr carefully moved it so that the landlords can get the sofa I no longer need.

Perfect layout of living room needs to be fucked up again as the aerial runs under the carper meaning the carpet bumps up. Terrible for viewings.

Came home to no electricity. Some dire fucking assortment of buttons and switches to reset meaning this has only just happened. Leaving me drunk, annoyed and greasy haired due to the direness of the situation.

Really didn’t get enough done at work. Wanted to do what I did +about double. Sigh.

Granddad is dying.
Brother is failing. Mother is bearer of bad news.

Today will be better. Everything is written down so I can ensure tomorrow will be better.

Today is a good day! The sun is shining, my handsome is as handsome as ever and I just had a pasta salad.

From today I’m cutting out milk for two months. No more lattes for Bex. Seem to be developing achne rash. Wahhh. Cows milk can go away. I’ll blame that until I know otherwise.

Tonight I’ll spend an hour on yoga, 30 mins on spot toning in and around my killer 200 squats wahhh.

So healthy eating is going well. I couldn’t do more than 50 squats yesterday cause I was a shakey mess from Thursday when I did 210.
Legs day today which will include squats but not 210 that’s silly and I have things to do.
Having the guys round for beers and doobiedoooos.
The Mr is showing his face first though which means the apartment and of course myself need to look good :3 So much to dooo!

Morning yadayada

Two minutes before I start work and I already need to vent.
Squat challenge to start again today, starting at 150 a day, no less that 50 per time.
I’m fat again and I’m starving all the time. Need to train my stomach to live off coffee and soup again. I’m disappointed with myself. Was doing so well too. Yaaaahhhh going to spend a week at least on my own and sort my head out again. Seem to be sinking back in to my hole.
Shall fix with exercise and vitaminssssssss. Actually gained a stone in about a month hahahhahaha what is my life. Struggles of a coffee addict.